If you are looking for a job, Send My Résumé offers you a quick solution. You will receive calls from relevant companies within 7 to 14 days.

We distribute massively your résumé and cover letter based on your profile, your work history, and your needs. Send My Résumé is a private job search help service.

A spontaneous application, when transmitted to the right businesses, usually obtains 1% of positive responses. (1% of 500 spontaneous applications means 5 responses!) And with 5 positive responses, you are guaranteed to get at least one job offer.

The majority of companies need to fill a current opening immediately. That is to say, if your résumé is sent at the right moment, you will be the first candidate called – even before the job posting has been advertised!

We offer:

  • The enhancement of your résumé and the writing of your cover letter by a professional writer (English or French or both!)
  • The massive distribution of your candidacy to employers (Canada, U.S.)
  • A wide range of customer-tailored services

We possess the details of all businesses in Canada and the USA. We offer to choose the relevant employers for you, both by industry and region.

Our method is simple:

  1. Enhancement of your résumé
  2. Writing of an outstanding cover letter
  3. Strategic distribution of your candidacy to relevant employers in your field and in your region

Types of employment covered

We can help you no matter what kind of work you are seeking and in which region you would like to work. We operate all across Canada and the United States.

Our services are most efficient for:

  • Administrative jobs, clerk, secretary, etc.
  • Manufacturing jobs, production, packaging, factories
  • Transportation, such as driving and handling
  • Technical jobs
  • Retail store jobs
  • Sales and representative jobs
  • Student jobs
  • Executive jobs, supervisors, managers
  • Tourism and catering
  • Financial sector
  • Research sector
  • Telecoms
  • Retail
  • B2B sales
  • and many more!



To benefit from uour job search service, you must have training and relevant experience for the desired position. You also need to be mobile, flexible, and employable.

The specialized job search, in rural areas, or where the pool of available employers is low, is not in our mandate.

In some cases, our intervention is not relevant. For example, if your personal situation makes you hardly employable (i.e. language, training, skills, medical conditions), we will unfortunately not be able to help you. After a free resume evaluation, we will determine whether or not you can benefit from our service.

Our mandate is not to increase your employability, nor is it to offer rehabilitation and counseling. Training organizations do that very well. What we do offer is to distribute your qualified resume to relevant employers for you.

INFORMATION :  +1 514.282.2213 (extension 2223)