Why choose us?

By targeting the 80% of the jobs that are hidden, you bypass competition from other candidates — and we do it for you!

In 24 to 72 hours, we send your application to 1000 employers in the desired region and industry. According to the most recent data about the job market, only 10% to 20% of the available positions are published. Moreover, every job ad attracts between 100 and 300 candidacies. That is why you never get responses to your applications.


Any good position does not need to be published. In average, 80 to 90 % of the companies find their employees through their network or received résumés. That is what we call the hidden job market.


In principle, when you apply to a position you saw online, it’s already too late. If lucky, you’re almost on time – but you’re never in advance! The ideal position to be in is to have applied just before a company needs someone, not just after. The spontaneous candidacy permits to reach many employers quickly, thus putting all the odds on your side to land a job!

When it comes to job search, your time and efforts are valuable.  Our job search service, along with the revision of your resume and cover letter by a professional writer, is a quick and effective way to find work.

In a few hours, your resume will be read by hundreds of personnel managers and business leaders who hire in your industry.


We have a database that allows us to identify the right companies for you. Our service includes the revision of your resume, the writing of your cover letter, as well as the dissemination of your candidacy in the region and the industry of your choice.

Most job seekers do not use this systematic methodology; they only consult posted job ads. With us, you bypass competition from other candidates by using a more direct approach.  


This approach allows you, most of the time, to be the only candidate who offers his services for a job newly available.