Express services of internship / student job

Express services of internship and student job

 Student employment and/or internship

Toronto/Ontario : 437-886-4132    Ottawa  613-454-6006  Vancouver/BC : 778-775-6097  Quebec/Montreal : 514 282 2213

Need an internship to finalize your training?

Need a summer or student job?  We are her to assist you

1000 distribution of your application in 24 hours  80% of available positions are not posted

Get a new job within 7-14 days, despite the situation

The hidden market? What is that?

Our services have an answer for that: Targeted distribution of your resume.

No answers? This is normal.  Most employers hire directly without posting. They simply recruit from the resume that they received. It costs about $ 500-$1500 to post a job on job boards. Employers avoid this by using the most recent application they have received.

Also, for the little as 10 to 15% remaining position that are posted, more than 100-200 other candidates respond at the same as you do. The key is to target the hidden one and get directly into the informal market of employment where there is no competition. 

No respond to your application?

 80% of available positions are not posted.  Companies give priorities to spontaneous application

SINCE 2003 Via targeted and massive spontaneous application.

1000 distribution of your application in 24 hours

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How it works?

It’s very simple, our dedicated team takes care of EVERYTHING! You will receive a turnkey solution, very professional and in a timely manner that will allow you to obtain a position in only 7 to 14 days! Benefit from the skills of our professionals and take advantage of our vast network.


1. We schedule a first consultation by telephone or face-to-face to collect your information and evaluate your professional assert. An Interview with you to find out your specific interest. If you are looking or a long term or short-term job, The field and the area of your preference. The terms and conditions of the employment, etc. We reserve the right to choose not to process a file if the objectives are not sustainable according to the market and the skills of the candidate.

2. Enhance your Resume and cover letter in French and English. Targeting 1000 employers for you

3. Massive sent of your application to up to1000 employers: At this stage, we make sure that your application is sent in bulk according to your criteria and via our fax, e-mail platform.

4. Calls for interviews. Be ready and available to respond to employer requests to meet with you. You will receive interviews call in a very short time.

Did you know?

Almost 80% of the positions are not posted online and you could be the first person to apply! There are 320,000 companies in Quebec, and most are hiring, without posting the job.

Most entrepreneurs want to fill a present open position in a timely manner without paying for job advertisement. So, if your spontaneous application is submitted, you will be the first to be called.

We have contact details for all the companies in Quebec and Canada. We offer you the possibility to choose the relevant companies according to your field and area.

Our success rate is over 85% for the files we accept. Satisfaction guaranteed or we simply start the process for you.


We are not an agency, but a service that offers assistance to enhance your resume and liaise with the companies. No percentage nor hidden charges.

Writing, correction and layout of the resume and cover letter: $ 99 + Tx. (additional costs applicable if the resume is more than 2 pages or requires unusual efforts) With Distribution: (up to 1000 copy sent) 139 + Tx. Includes research and networking of employers in your field

Translation from English to French or French to English Resume and basic cover letter: $ 39 + Tx additional costs applicable if the resume is more than 2 pages or requires unusual efforts) (2-3 pages for resume and cover letter) additional costs applicable if the resume is more than 2 pages or requires unusual efforts.



We stated as an industrial B2B liaison service (that is why we have the contacts of companies)

In 2003, for our friends and relatives, we sent out spontaneous targeted applications, from 500 to 1000, on an informal basis, via our mailing systems and our industrial database. mainly used for our marketing activities with companies.

Our relatives came back to us after 2 weeks, telling us that they had received several positive responses in a very short time and several were surprising and stimulating job or internship offers.
After 2 or 3 months we had many people coming spontaneously to our offices with the same question: Can you do the same for me, I am struggling to get a job, my friend told me about you.

We couldn’t say no, so we launched SEND MY RESUME/ 
CV DIFFUSION because there was a desperate need. The best positions were not posted, we decided to share our contacts with people.

Since then, we have been helping many people every week to obtain a good position or internship very quickly, through the massive distribution of resume in targeted cies. Several institutions also use our services for training courses and internship.


1. When you apply on a position, there are more than 200 other applicants. 80% of the positions are not posted and few job seekers exploit the path of the informal market

2. Employers do not post their available positions most of the time because it is very expensive, they rather avoid expenses by using the pool of available resume or by reference first. 80% of the jobs are not visible.

3. We have been offering our approach since 2003, with thousands of documented success stories. References upon request

Affordable services, translation, letter writing, resume writing, sending of your resume with a written guarantee of results.

free consultation references upon request

Toronto/Ontario : 437-886-4132    Ottawa  613-454-6006  Vancouver/BC : 778-775-6097  Quebec/Montreal : 514 282 2213

(Call for info or book an appointment as soon as you have a chance)

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