Testimonials from our participants

Dynamic approach to target the hidden 80% non posted job in the market.

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Since 2003, we have been helping many people every week to get a quality position very quickly, via the massive distribution of the resume.

Hidden market, less competition, lots of answers. 

We are basically an industrial marketing agency, that’s why we have contacts by industry.

We use these contacts for business-to-business marketing. But in 2003 we started to use our databases to distribute resumes for job searches to family and friends


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About a year ago
Thanks to the
CV Diffusion service, and the targeted mailings of resume based on my profile, my resume was submitted to hundreds of companies! From the first week I received several calls. I was struggling to get a simple interview before using CV Diffusion, and now I was spoiled for choice! Thank you for your excellent service, your kindness and your professionalism!

Aurélie Buidin

About a year ago
Thanks to CV DIFFUSION service, I found the job I wanted in Montreal and in record time! Thanks again for your service ☺

Bruno Poulin

About 10 months ago
I want to thank you for your work. I am in a remote area and I easily received 75 calls for interviews. Very good service, courteous and professional. I got a job in just 10 days.

Emmanuella Carrie

About 2 months ago
Good morning all, I came across Michel Bois from
CV Diffusion, he is a very professional and courteous person who helps you in your efforts. I am satisfied with the service and I encourage you to use this tool which will allow you to find your job.

Julie Anne Charron

About 2 months ago
I used CV Diffusion’s services and got the results I expected and more! Simple and efficient, I recommend it.

About 2 months ago
I recommend
CV Diffusion without hesitation. A team of reliable, professional, discreet and courteous people. They know how to target needs and position their clients advantageously in relation to potential employers. With them, you are sure to stand out, attract the attention of employers and have several job opportunities. Using the services of CV Diffusion has been of great benefit to those who do. I will not hesitate to use their services another time!!

Lorena Fajardo

About 2 months ago
It is an excellent service, very effective. I found myself a job a week after sending my resume. Highly recommended

Sendy Macénard

About a year ago
I would like to thank
CV Diffusion for their exemplary work this is the second time that I do business with you and I am even more than satisfied thanks again!!!!!!

Mireille Lépine

About a year ago
Great service! No more mailings to employers who do not call back. In less than a week I had already received several calls for an interview and three weeks later I found a job that met my requirements. Thank you,
CV Diffusion!

CV Diffusion

About a year ago
-I would like to say a big thank you to
CV Diffusion for the service provided to me. In less than 3 weeks, I received a multitude of calls from various companies. I had a few phone interviews and it only took one face-to-face interview with an employer to get my ideal position. Using the services of CV Diffusion has greatly alleviated the burden of endless research to find an interesting company to work in. I thank heaven for discovering your wonderful company and I strongly recommend everyone to come through you to find a job as well as to showcase their resume and cover letter. As far as I am concern, I share the information around me to my relatives and acquaintances because you really worth it. Once again, thank you and long live to your business. -Sandra-

Yeli Ouattara

About a year ago

After reaching out to CV Diffusion when I was looking for part of my search for jobs in accounting technique, I greatly appreciated his professionalism and his commitment because in a short time, several companies received my resume. And within two weeks, I started receiving phone interviews. Thank you for your work.
Monica Kalonda