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Getting a new job in 7 to 14 days, without writing a resume or doing a research?
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How about getting a new job in just a few days, without having to write your own resume and without having to do any research?

How does it work?

It’s simple, our team takes care of EVERYTHING!

You will get a turnkey, professional and fast service that will allow you to get a job in 7 to 14 days only! Benefit from the skills of our writers while taking advantage of our massive network.

 1. Free consultation
A phone interview with you to find out what you want as a job or contract, in what field, region, conditions …

2. Writing your new resume
You will have the opportunity to choose an exclusive and up-to-date CV template. Your dedicated writer will take action quickly and will write your new resume and cover letter.

3. Mass sending of your CV to 500-1000 employers
We then take care of the mass sending of your CV according to your criteria and via their fax or email platform.

4. Get calls and emails for interviews!
Be ready and available to respond to employer requests. You will get interviews quickly!

Did you know?

Nearly 80% of jobs are not posted online yet and you may be the first person to apply!

Most entrepreneurs want to fill an immediate need without paying for job ads. If your spontaneous offer is filed you will be the first called, even before an advertisement is published.

We have contact information of all businesses in Canada. We offer you the possibility to choose according to your area and region that are relevant to you.

You will receive calls from companies within 7 to 14 days.

Our success rate is over 85% for the files we accept. Satisfaction guaranteed or we  will simply resume the process.

We have proven ourselves in the industry and for nearly 15 years we aid job seekers to find their next dream job!

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OUR CLIENTS’ TESTIMONIALS- References available upon request  

“My broadcast was to more than 800 companies, manufacturers, and others.
After forty-eight (48) hours, the phone started ringing and I even received calls on weekends. The following Monday, I had already received more than a dozen replies, much more than in three months of conventional research and I am proactive person in my research! Less than 7 days later, I signed a contract of employment according to my skills and my expectations. I never thought that the feedback would be so fast! ”

Roger, Production Planner, October 2018

“I did business with CV and I particularly appreciated the diligence and dedication with which they received me. This effective and competent team took into account my professional career. Quick and surprising results. I thank you a thousand times! ”

-Nadeige, Executive Assistant, Longueuil


“I want to say a big thank you to CV Diffusion for the service that was offered to me. In less than 3 weeks, I received several calls from various companies. I had some phone interviews and it only took one in-person interview with an employer to get my job. The fact of having used CV Diffusion has alleviated much the heavy burden of having to do endless research to find interesting companies. I thank heaven for discovering your wonderful business and I highly recommend that everyone go through you to highlight their resumes and cover letters. In any case, for my part, I share the information around me to my relatives and my acquaintances because you are really worth it. Once again, thank you and I wish a long life to your company. ”


“As a programmer analyst, I was obliged to do technical support on the phone during nights, and I have no patience. I had enough, my girlfriend too! I tested the service and YES it works. I had several calls in a week, most not really interesting to me, but I found a job at the second interview and I am doing now what I like: design! One thing is certain, it makes things happen ”

Lukas, Programmer and Analyst, Ottawa

During my training, an internship is requested. But I didn’t know what to do. I was in Quebec for 3 years only and my contacts were limited. Michel sent my CV to the civil engineering firms. I was called by the regional office of a renowned company. I started my internship 3 weeks later. And even after 1 month, I had at least 2 other offers »

Sandrine, student in Civil Engineering, ETS Montreal


We are originally an industrial marketing agency, that’s why we have several contacts of different industries. We use these contacts for business-to-business marketing. But we have started using our databases for the job search of family and friends in 2003.

In 2003, we have started, on an informal basis, the sending of spontaneous targeted applications for our friends and relatives, from 500 to 1000, via our mailing systems and our industrial databasemostly used for our business marketing activities.

Our relatives came back to see us after 2 weeks, telling us that they got several positive answers in a very short time and several job offers or internships sometimes surprising and stimulating.

After 2 or 3 months we had many unknown people who came spontaneously to our offices with the same question: ‘Can you do the same for me, I have a hard time with my research. My friend told me about you’.

We could not say no, so we started CV DIFFUSION because a glaring need was present. The best posts were not being displayed so, we decided to make the people benefit from our contacts.    Since then, we have been helping many people every week to get a high quality job very quickly, via the massive distribution of targeted resumes.


  1. When applying to an advertised position, there are at least 100 to 150 other candidates. 80% of

positions are unpublished and few researchers are exploiting this informal market.

  1. Employers do not publish their positions because it is very expensive and prefer to find their employees for free in the resumes bank or by reference
  2. Responding to ads will take 3 to 6 months to place a job seeker. Via our direct approach, 7-14 days on average for the files we accept.
  3. We have been offering our approach since 2003, with thousands of documented success stories. References on request

Affordable services, translation, cover letter writing, resume writing, sending your resume with a written result guarantee.